LWIC - Sustainable Roof Decks

Light Weight Insulating Concrete is a sustainable roofing insulation that is widely accepted as a “green” product. LWIC is used on many LEED projects and helps to contribute to LEED points. The building community recognizes LWIC as a superior Roof Insulation and base for roofing membrane(s).  LWIC Roof decks reduce energy load requirements and facilitate renovations by resloping and increasing R-Values. LWIC is a sustainable, durable, and low-maintenance product. LWIC provides a heat sink beneath the roofing membrane. The reduction of thermal shock lengthens the life of the membrane. In reroofing applications, LWIC can be cast over an acceptable existing membrane still on the roof. Wet Insulation material must be removed. If the old roof remains in place, the trouble and expense of tear-off are avoided and the threat of damage and exposing the interior of a building’s interior is minimized. When reroofing over other rigid insulation board, the insulation must be replaced since it is susceptible to weather and water. This is not the case with LWIC systems since only the membrane is replaced. The EPS is completely protected. This significantly reduces the amount of waste material taken to the landfill. 

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Tectum Roof Decks

Tectum products meet the needs of owners, architects and building industry professionals who require “green” building products. Since 1949, Tectum panels have been made from renewable wood sources, magnesium from sea water, and recovered magnesium waste. The panels contain no toxic binders, no asbestos or formaldehyde, and are naturally degradable in a landfill. Tectum Inc. fully endorses the LEED Green Building Rating System. A number of our representatives are LEED Accredited Professionals and members of local USGBC Chapters. Tectum panels are made from sustainable raw materials. The wood fibers (excelsior) used in Tectum panels come from Aspen trees. Aspen is a self-propagating type tree. When cut, a new tree will begin to grow back from its root structure. In addition, all Aspen used for Tectum is air dried. No drying kilns are used. The wood is stored in ranks to age naturally. All loggers are trained to adhere to SFI principles. Tectum Inc. only purchases excelsior from companies that are part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI) Program and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. This program is a comprehensive system of objectives and performance measures that integrate the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water quality. The primary source of magnesium oxide used in the binder is seawater. The silicate used is made from sand. Tectum Inc. recovers waste magnesium and recycles water during the manufacturing process. The recovered magnesium waste is used in the manufacturing of magnesium sulfate, a primary ingredient in the binder. These recovery programs have been successful in reducing the water consumed and in reducing the magnesium requirement for the manufacture of magnesium sulfate. Tectum products continue to meet the needs of owners, architects and engineers who require “green” building products. 

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Metal Deck

"GreenBuilding” applications or for projects in the LEED® program. Specific product information may be available from our representatives. A breakdown of the recycled content of metal products is available. Metal Deck products can contain up to 68% recycled steel. 

ConDeck Corporation provides steel decking from the nation’s largest recycler, using over 20 million tons of scrap steel in 2007 to create new products. Our manufacturer(s) use Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology at all of its steel recycling facilities. EAFs use post-consumer scrap steel material for the major feedstock, unlike blast furnace operations which use mined iron ore as the major feedstock. Please contact our manufacturer to help calculate the recycled content for products being used in.